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Why Your $5 Butter Dish Is Ruining The Flavor Of Your Food!

Posted by Matthew King on

Has anyone ever told you what happens to that high quality butter after you remove the packaging and store it in the refrigerator?

Quite a few things that you and your butter dish may have not been prepared for!

You see, butter is an ingredient that can change fairly quickly after it's been exposed to any odors or air in your home or appliances.

So imagine the things in your refrigerator that can mix with it. Then imagine what can mix with it if it's left out on your table for awhile.

Do you want the taste of some of these things in your butter? We hope not!

Here's the best way to avoid this problem entirely....... 

How To Properly Store Your Butter

There are a few issues with storing butter that you must take into consideration: 

  • Oxygen will start to change the composition of butter immediately after it's opened from its packaging. 
  • Light also has a similar effect on butter
  • Butter is a sponge that absorbs the odors coming from leftover food, packaged meats, fruits and vegetables, and cleaning products too
  • Bacteria coming from any spoiled food or anywhere inside the refrigerator

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Too many butter dishes let too much air and light in that can break down the oils that make up the taste of this butter. Many people who want to keep their butter fresh will use one with a lid that locks on tight!

Of course we're assuming that you store your butter in the fridge and use before the expiration date, which is typically 2 weeks to a month after you buy it. 

If you haven't been doing this, then there's a good chance your butter has tasted pretty weird.....

The best solution is to buy a butter dish that locks out any air, light, and odor that can affect its makeup.  

Can Butter Really Go Bad?

The simple answer is that it can definitely go bad!

Butter is susceptible to mold and can go stale quickly if it's left exposed to the air for too long.

Ever seen how the end of a stick of butter gets hard and dark yellow after awhile? That's not good!

If you use a lot of butter for cooking, or just to put on your bread, then we think you should invest in a better way to store your butter..... 

This Is Why Porcelain Is Better Than Glass

Many butter dishes are made of glass that was made using toxic chemicals. So just imagine your butter absorbing some of the stuff that was used to make this glass!

High quality prograde porcelain like that used in our butter dish is made using such high temperatures that it's not only more durable, but free of lead or impurities that can affect the taste of your butter.

Besides that, you don't have to worry about porcelain breaking unlike glass, which is very sensitive and breaks easily. Many restaurants and retailers prefer porcelain because it is so much more durable than nearly any other material!

Our Dish Is An Amazon Bestseller That's Built To Last

It'll not only keep the butter fresh, but it'll look great on the dinner table too! 

So have you started understand how many sticks of butter you've lost because you may have used a cheaper dish made out of glass? 

We hope you've decided to get an upgrade, and that our butter dish will be perfect for your kitchen!

Here at our store, it's only $16.99 with our discount (BetterButter), and it'll arrive at your home within a couple of days after your order. 

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